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Caterpillar and 007

For 37 years I had the best job in the world...... being an Engineer for Caterpillar. Over the 4th of July weekend, and a result of a major road building project near Yukon, I had opportunity to renew my friendship with some of my old friends ..... when I walked next to these magnificent hunks of steel ..... It brought back so many memories. It is with great pride that I know that a little of my heart and soul is each of these machines. Please join me a earlier morning tour as I walk over red dirt to watch the sun rise over my friends.

At Caterpillar we were always involved in interesting things around the world. On this web page is some information about a James Bond movie and little about my world of Caterpillar ... I was very disappointed in the movie. All the Caterpillar scenes ended up on the cutting room floor..

John McCornack

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Caterpillar 007 - Licensed to Operate

Who would have thought that entering an operator competition could result in an opportunity to work on the latest James Bond film in Spain? It may sound like something out of a movie, but that is what  happened to owner/operators Jude Mullin and Adrian Caan  recently.  Both were visiting a construction show in early May and paid a visit  to the Caterpillar stand. Cat runs a Europe-wide Operator Challenge, and Site Equipment Demonstration (SED) hosted the UK portion of the competition. The winner and first runner up will go on to European trials at Caterpillar's proving grounds in Malaga later this year. What the operators did not know was that this year Cat plays a major role in the latest James Bond film, "The World Is Not Enough." The feature film, starring Pierce Brosnan as 007, includes a sequence on a pipeline site, filmed in central Spain.

The film, which features 15 Caterpillar machines, from  the latest 226 skid steer loader to a 950G wheel loader, needed skilled operators to work the equipment on the set. Before they knew it, Jude and Adrian were on a plane to Madrid to join an international team of operators from Europe and the USA. Jude Mullin, from Tyrone, Northern Ireland said: "I still can't believe I'm here today. It's been a brilliant week, and we've been treated like royalty." With typical Irish wit, he added that the other operators had christened him "double-O backhoe!"

Also on site were the 1998 competition's runner-up and third place men, Finnish drivers Timo Honkaniemi and Hannu Jantonen, operating IT14 and IT28 tool carriers. Caterpillar Forest Products specialist Steve Hinton flew in from Aurora, Illinois, and Swedish Forest Products demonstration operators Christer Ohman and Daniel Eriksson were operating an imposing Cat 570 Harvester and a 574 Forwarder, which particularly impressed art director Steve Laurence. Laurence noted: "It was critical to see that there was some action in the shot. The harvester is certainly a dramatic machine to look at."

Caterpillar made its mark on the crew as well. Not only were the operators all kitted out in Cat workwear, but also the film extras. Caterpillar produced a 007/Cat hat that was soon adopted as the film crew's headgear. Former TV Gladiator John Seru, who plays Elektra King's bodyguard, was particularly impressed with the Spanish set.  Seru noted, "It has been an experience for me. I'm really enjoying this." He added, "I take a size 13 Cat boot!" It is estimated that around 300 million people around the world see each Bond movie. When "The World is Not Enough"opens in November most viewers will have their eyes glued to Pierce Brosnan, Denise Richards and Sophie Marceau. But there will be some plant operators paying particularly close attention to the machines at work in the background!

Background News, Storylist, 7/1/99



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Water tank

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Usually one uses the word magnificent to describe horses -- however, I'd use it to describe these machines as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very impressive, John, even the second time around. Never tire of those BIG BABIES!

I managed to sit through that movie but I did not see as much of the Caterpillar equipment as I would have liked.

Hello John, big big toys to play with...I do not know what most of the machines are called nor what functions they are used for...other than a backhoe, grader, water truck...etc..I am lost... wish you had given a brief description of their uses...whatever.. they are earth moving equipment.. right...anything from building a highway to making a levee? Certainly makes a difficult job easy... saves many manhours of manual labor....whether it be sunrise or sunset... the brief darkness ...covers the ghosts of the large equipment that will bring the future into light....